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League Boosting features


Tommy Booster

8/18/2022, 11:59:26 PM

Hello, I’m Tommy, I will be your booster today.

Live chat with your booster

On your order page, you will be able to get in touch with your Booster whenever you want. This allows you to ask the Booster any questions about the game, such as champions, builds or tactics. You can also use chat for special requests such as screenshotting messages from your friends, or adding your smurf account which will allow you to spectate games played by our worker. Last but not least, you can simply have a nice chat about non-game stuff, our boosters are in fact very open-minded and absolutely friendly people. As you can see, there are, without a doubt, a lot of advantages that you can get with our live chat. We have only provided a few examples to help you make good use of this feature.

Always updated match history

Other notable features on your order page are the Match history and the Pause button that we developed, especially for your comfort and ability to control how your account will be boosted. Thanks to the match history you will be able to keep an eye on the entire progress made on your order, with lots of useful informations about the match, such as K/D/A, creep score, date of the match and even builds. The system is fully automatized, games are updated shortly after the match ends. The pause function will allow you to select the hours during which you will be boosted, simply press the pause button when you want to enter your account, or slow down the completion time of your order, then Unpause to reactivate your boost and let us continue our work.

Match History
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Champions & Roles



Get to choose your champions and roles for free!

On your order page, next to the Game Account tab you will find Champion & roles tab labeled with the plus icon. This feature will allow you to choose which champions and roles you will get boosted with, if you will use it, we will try to finish your order with the most possible accordance with your choices. Our boosters can play all of your main or favorite champions and still efficiently climb through the ranked ladder at the same time! The tab also contains the Notes window and Offline mode function. In notes, you can leave special requests such as “Put flash on F”, “Please make a screenshot of my Diamond promotion” or “Pick jungle as the primary role”. The offline mode will make your account completely invisible to your friends during the boosting sessions.

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