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Hello, my name is Konstantin.

I've been playing lol since beta. Over the course of past years, I've reached challenger on multiple servers, this includes: euw, eune, tr and russia.
It definitely has been a fun and long road to be at the top of the ladder, but I'm ready to coach you to achieve the same goals or even higher.

I'm able to coach in english, german and russian and we will be using a voice com of your preference (either skype, teamspeak or discord).

I'm also open for any requests, and i'm happy to work towards the goal that you desire.

Which roles I am coaching:

  • Toplane:

  1. What Runes & Masteries are good for your champions

  2. Which champion are good for specific game scenarios ( Teamfight, Poke, Siege, Engage, Disengage ... )

  3. How to set up ganks for your jungler and how to avoid ganks by the enemy jungler

  4. When it is good to use your TP or roam

  5. How to shoutcall from toplane and when to go for objectives

  6. Also I will show you how you trade in lane and crush your opponent

  • Jungle:

  1. What Runes & Masteries are good for your champions

  2. A list of strong jungler in the current Meta

  3. The best jungler clear rotations

  4. Placement of wards

  5. When to gank and countergank efficiently

  6. When you should go for Towers and Dragons

  • Midlane:

  1. What Runes & Masteries are good for your champions

  2. A list of current high contested picks + a counter matchup list

  3. When is it good to roam or try to take a Tower

  4. How you should zone your opponent and when you should create a freeze

  5. Prepare ganks for your jungler and deny ganks for the enemy jungler

  6. Tricky Pinks and normal Wards which will drive the enemy junler crazy

  • AD-Carry:

  1. What Runes & Masteries are good for your champions

  2. Also here a list for the picks and counter matchups

  3. How to play out the lane even if you have a useless Support

  4. How to have a good position in a teamfight

  5. Ways to last hit and trade without getting good damage

  6. When you should leave your lane and join your team

  • Support:

  1. What Runes & Masteries are good for your champions

  2. A list of popular picks and counter matchups.

  3. How you play a passiv or a aggresiv Support

  4. When and where you should ward

  5. When you should roam and aim for objectives

  6. How to initiate a engage

I am basically an allrounder. I have advanced experience in every role.

Some examples to illustrate what kind of game knowledge I can offer you:

  • Analysis of your gameplay. ( Focus on your weakest property and improve it)

  • Micro (Position, Timing summoners, cooldown overview)

  • Macro: Controlling the Map and applying Vision

I am able to adapt in almost any schedule so feel free to message me on Skype any time "Heaveshall" ( Yes the one with the Panda picture)

What will we do in a Lesson

Normally I let you guys choose how you wanna approch it. I allways offer either playing togehter and analyzing while playing, or going together through a replay of your game and focus on improving the gameplay and try to find and annihilate your mistakes. If you have any other expectation you can also sugget your methode and we will try it out.




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

s******* (11/11/17 15:55:29)

(after 2 hours)

Very nice person, good coaching. I can recommend :)

m************ (06/03/17 18:22:15)

(after 1 hour)

nice guy! :) very much exp

d********* (29/01/17 15:23:49)

(after 1 hour)

So good!

d************* (26/01/17 18:44:04)

(after 3 hours)

Gute zusammenarbeit Gute Tipps mit Items und wardings im großen und ganzem Gute

m********* (05/01/17 21:13:03)

(after 1 hour)

He is a good coach, he is calmly explaining everything gradually and the testgame with explain has gone well. Very recommendable, gives him more jobs, "they steal our jobs"

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