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SoloQ Experience(Peak):
Europe Nordic&East : Challenger EuNE Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 (Around 500-800LP) , Former Rank 1 Challenger EuNE Season 7 / Season 8,
Europe West : Master Tier EuW Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 (Around 0-300LP)

Coaching Experience (Since January 2017):
I've done over 1000 hours on my coaching session
I had over 400 students until this moment.

I'm Coatpustmain, Aka. CPM, 24 y/o, Proffesional League of Legends Player/Coach.


Q: "On Which Regions can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I can provide coaching on: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, BR, JP, OCE"

Q: "On Which Roles can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I'm a coach for soloQ Players on all roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADCarry, Support. "

Q: "Why do you charge only 10 euros for your session?"
A: "I want to give everybody the possibility of a Quality Coaching Session with me. I don't feel like a session should be more than this and I really enjoy coaching players around any division. My main focus is to help players improve themselves."


1 hour session: In this case we will review one of your games in full details.
2 hours session: This is the Recommended Session. (Details Below)
3 hours session: This is the Best Session. (Details Below)

BONUS: If you have Patience, you are the right person for my session!

How does the session work?

(for minimum 2 hours session)

Our session will be like this:
First Step (15-40 Minutes)
We are going to go into a custom game where I will explain you everything from the beginning to the end (All basics) about the role that you want to improve on. I'm gonna show you some things on the map and I will tell you what can happen when you play a specific role. If you have any question, you can just ask me without any hesitation.

Second Step (5-20 Minutes)
We are going to look and talk about the runes/builds because we need to be sure you have the best of them.
I'm going to teach you how to create them correctly by your playstyle / looking at statistics.

Third Step (30-120 Minutes)
You are going to play one or two games so I can analyze your strengths and faults, what are you doing right, what are you doing wrong, your biggest problems and what you can Improve on !
I will spectate through OP.GG your games and we are going to talk after your games about all of the things I've mentioned before!

Fourth Step
I would like to play with you some games to Coordonate you on the map to make you understand How to abuse your advantage and How to play in difficult situations.

Mechanics Problems
If you have problems on your Mechanics on your Main Champion, we might go into the Practice Tool and I will teach you some Mechanics on one of your main champions.
I will teach you (as much as I can) how to play your champion in the laning phase.

Contact / Social

The best way to contact me for coaching is through Skype.
Skype ID: Lavidaan
Discord ID: Coatpustmain#9618

When you contact me on Skype/Discord/Twitter for coaching, please mention where you found me. We will decide together when we will do the session!

Standard Lessons on our Session

  • How to abuse your advantage | How to carry a game

  • How to lead a team to victory

  • How to ward | Ward Tricks | Leave the lane and use your movement for your advantage | When to Recall

  • How to farm better | Counter Farm | How to handle your economy

  • How to communicate with the team | Game Calls + Tricks

  • How to push the lanes | When to join your team in the teamfights

  • [Champion Select] Tier of the moment | Counterpick

  • [Theorycrafting] Runes | How to build | What do build

  • [GamePlay Analysis] Spectating the game | Analyzing what you're doing wrong




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

r************ (28/06/19 19:47:48)

(after 1 hour)

My coach did a good job explaining and showing example of how to play better of my role I played.

n******** (28/06/19 17:54:20)

(after 2 hours)

Very patient and good lesson. Took me through a lot of basics, things which makes so much sense when you hear them and showed to you how to apply in your own replays. We didn't go through any specific match ups or champion specific things, just very basic stuff and i could see a difference after only one game. He really shows you how important fundamentals are how much they impact the game even if it doesn't seem like it at first. Will definitely work on the things he has given me in my future games and I'm sure i will come back in the future!

g********** (21/06/19 15:48:19)

(after 2 hours)

Great session, went through a game and identified some area's to work on. Gave me all the information i needed and more! Plenty of homework to do!

s******* (20/06/19 16:32:43)

(after 1 hour)

Very helpful coach, taught me how to manage and win quicker, and not to waste time on useless things, gave me a lot of tips and spectated me playing and wrote down my mistakes and taught me how to avoid them in just one hour!, he handle the time very well, couldn't be more thankful, I appreciate your effort and time to improve my gameplay and style, Thank you and see you next time. ^^

a******** (10/06/19 15:17:16)

(after 3 hours)

Incredibly patient, thorough and professional. Covered all the fundamentals and helped with focusing important aspects of the game. Helped with developing a pick for the role ( in my case, nunu in the jungle ) runes, playstyle, etc. and how to further develop/improve on my own later. Worth every minute.

b************ (09/06/19 23:04:20)

(after 3 hours)

Explained what I did good and what I did wrong. Played some games with me as well so he could tell me what to do in a game. This also helped me a lot with understanding certain aspects of the game.

a********* (09/06/19 19:34:10)

(after 6 hours)

If you're looking for a coach that goes really in depth about the macro mechanics of LoL this is your guy. Helped me perfect my Macro when it comes to warding, gameplay, and the overall what do to & when's of the game. Micro mechanics of the champions I play in my lane, as well as my build paths for my main champions. Definitely one of the best coaches around. Will absolutely be seeking out his coaching services in the future to further improve my gameplay.

i******** (09/06/19 16:12:37)

(after 3 hours)

already done 3 coach sessions with this guy and he is super good ,insane game knowledge he helped me a lot to reach higher rank and understand the game!!!!

s****** (09/06/19 12:27:08)

(after 3 hours)

Coat was a great coach. He doesn't beat around the bush and will tell you what you did wrong and why. If you cant handle constructive criticism look elsewhere, but I promise he will get you on the right track to getting your game play better in ALL aspects. Will for sure be getting more coaching from him in the future once I climb a little and start to plateau!

f******* (08/06/19 20:50:23)

(after 3 hours)

Probably the best coach out there, not even joking! :)

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