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SoloQ Experience

Europe Nordic&East (Peak) :
Challenger EuNE Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 / Season 9 (Around 500-800LP)
Former Rank 1 Challenger EuNE Season 7 / Season 8

Europe West (Peak) :
Master Tier EuW Season 6 / Season 7 / Season 8 (Around 0-300LP)
GrandMaster EuW Season 9 (Around 500LP)

Coaching Experience

Since January 2017:
I've done over 1100 hours on my coaching session
I had over 400 students until this moment.

I'm Coatpustmain, Aka. CPM, 25 y/o, Professional League of Legends Player/Coach. I started playing League of Legends at the end of Season 2. For any questions, please contact me on Discord: Coatpustmain#9618


1 hour session: In this case we will Review one of your games in full details.
2 hours session: This is the Recommended Session. (Details Below)
3 hours session: This is the Best Session. (Details Below)
BONUS: If you have Patience, you are the right person for my session!


Q: "On Which Regions can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I can provide coaching on: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, BR, JP, OCE"

Q: "On Which Roles can you provide Coaching?"
A: "I'm a coach for soloQ Players on all roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADCarry, Support. "

Q: "Can you provide coaching for teams ?"
A: "Yes, I can. I will do a special offer for teams."

Q: "Why do you charge only 10 euros for your session?"
A: "I want to give everybody the possibility of a Quality Coaching Session with me. I don't feel like a session should be more than this and I really enjoy coaching players around any Rank. My main focus is to help players improve themselves."

How does the session work?

(for minimum 2 hours session)

Our session will be like this:
First Step (30-120 Minutes)
You are going to play one or two games so I can analyze your strengths and faults, what are you doing right, what are you doing wrong, your biggest problems and what you can Improve on !
I will spectate through the LoL Client your games and we are going to talk after your games about all of the things I've mentioned before!

Second Step (15-45 Minutes)
We are going to go into a custom game where I will explain you everything from the beginning to the end (All basics) about the role that you want to improve on. I'm gonna show you some things on the map and I will tell you what can happen when you play a specific role. If you have any question, you can just ask me without any hesitation.

Third Step (5-20 Minutes)
We are going to look and talk about the runes/builds because we need to be sure you have the best of them.
I'm going to teach you how to create them correctly by your playstyle / looking at statistics.

Last Step (30-120 Minutes)
After we did the ENTIRE SETUP, you are going to play more games to see the improvements right away. Game after game we will focus on Perfecting your Playstyle.

Special Cases
I would like to play with you some games to Coordonate you on the map to make you understand How to abuse your advantage and How to play in difficult situations.

Mechanics Problems
If you have problems on your Mechanics on your Main Champion, we might go into the Practice Tool and I will teach you some Mechanics on one of your main champions.

Contact / Social

The best way to contact me for coaching is through Discord, but you can use Skype or Twitter as well!
Discord ID: Coatpustmain#9618
Skype ID: Lavidaan

My schedule is flexible. Let me know of a time that suits you and I will accommodate for it.

Standard Lessons on our Session

  1. How to abuse your advantage | How to carry a game

  2. How to lead a team to victory

  3. How to ward | Ward Tricks | Leave the lane and use your movement for your advantage | When to Recall

  4. How to farm better | Counter Farm | How to handle your economy

  5. How to communicate with the team | Game Calls + Tricks

  6. How to push the lanes | When to join your team in the teamfights

  7. [Champion Select] Tier of the moment | Counterpick

  8. [Theorycrafting] Runes | How to build | What do build

  9. [GamePlay Analysis] Spectating the game | Analyzing what you're doing wrong




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

m********* (28/12/19 19:22:44)

(after 3 hours)

Hello. I would like to share and explain why i believe you should choose Master CPM (Coastpustmain) as your future potential coach. **Why He Should be Your Coach** This man has it all, the intellect, speed, knowledge and care to help you become the greatest you can be. He takes care of you like a newborn and teaches everything you need to stand on your own two legs in the wretched games of soloQ. He personally helped me see my mistakes more clearly and how to improve my flaws and make them my strength. And I practice what he made me learn to the bone of my being so i can climb the ranks. **My Experience** It was like meeting my long lost father, he made me believe in myself and complimented what i did good which encouraged me to do/become better. Now i feel stronger mentally and physically after meeting Master CPM, and gained new motivation as well insight that will help me in the cruel games i face. **Conclusion** Jokes aside, i highly recommend him as a coach because of his genuine desire to help players become better, and god damn he will make you a monster if you are open minded. Kind regards/ Mark.

o******* (27/12/19 19:07:49)

(after 2 hours)

For all who are hungry!! about improving his skills and improving his playstyle with the champion and with the map and with all game and change it from loss to win and if it wins to keep it more winnable and you kept searching for a way to improve it and never found a way to do that and scared to pay Money for nothing, I was like you and more, but now after I took the coaching session 2h with neXt CPM I'm able now to climb faster in my Ranked games thanks to him, do not hesitate and don't let anything stop you from getting better and surprise all your friends faces when you reach your goal.

s******************** (27/12/19 15:53:34)

(after 4 hours)

Wonderful Coach! knows how to win games in a specific elo ! knows the macro mechanics very nicely.Very patient and is an awesome listener.Will hear you out with all your queries and address them in a comprehensible fashion and most importantly will teach you how to win. Definitely recommended for people who are confused about their role and want to improve upon the same.

a********* (26/12/19 14:51:39)

(after 2 hours)

Really good coach. Experienced and he gave a really nice service in teaching me things! It was my best coach ever! No.1 coach in my opinion.

T******* (24/12/19 20:56:01)

(after 3 hours)

Another great day of training and I'm learning a lot.

T******* (24/12/19 20:54:22)

(after 3 hours)

The best coach! :D

m************* (20/12/19 15:28:15)

(after 2 hours)

I booked and completed my forth lesson already, and I've learned more and more with every session. I went from mid Plat to mid Diamond within a week as a support main. First improving my vision, then my timings and pathing, then some shotcalling and strategy, and finally I was taught how to properly track enemy summs and resources. It will take some practice to get used to doing everything simultaneosly, but I can already tell both by feel and by my League statistics that I've improved significantly. On top of that I even managed to play one of the best Morgana games I've ever played during the lesson. I absolutely recommend this coach.

m************* (20/12/19 15:19:23)

(after 3 hours)

This was my third lesson and we played some more DuoQ so I could practice timings (e.g. when to push for ideal back timers) and how to coordinate with a skilled ADC as I'm a support main. The fact that I had climbed from Platinum 2 to Diamond 4 in 3 days proves how much his teaching actually helps! It's really enjoyable to work with him as everything (including my mistakes) are used to help me improve.

n******** (19/12/19 23:01:35)

(after 2 hours)

Excellent coach, with great knoweldge! He analyzes my gameplay, and showed me the point i have to improve. He gave me useful tips, can not wait to try them in game! If you want to be more confident, or want to know how far you can go in this game, give him a try, for sure after the lesson you going to realize how much you can learn/improve.

t*********** (18/12/19 20:47:31)

(after 3 hours)

I purchased coaching for 3 hours and I would recommend this to everyone who is looking to improve at the game. We reviewed one of my ranked games and he pointed out all the mistake i made which was really helpful; after that he went through the macro mechanics on how to play my lane in every situation. I like how he focused on the macro mechanics on this game more than my pure mechanics on the keyboard which i think allows players to play their role a lot better rather just one champ. A lot of the information is transferable between lanes in my opinion. We went through the runes and builds of my most played champs which is quite useful as well as we customized them to fit my play-style and situation of the games. Overall i don't think you can get a better coaching experience out there and i 100% recommend him to everyone who wants to get better.

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