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poza de inceput

Email: [email protected]
Discord: raznq #6865
Skype: feotavi

Eyoooooooooo, here's Tavi , a veteran league of legends who has been playing since season 1 this game at its highest levels. Lately, I ve been maining jungle but i can fill and know a lot of stuff about every lane. So, that being said my achievements in soloq in each season are:

  • Season 1, high gold elo ( at that time maximum was platinum elo )

  • Season 2, low diamond

  • Season 3, diamond 1 and proof click here

  • Season 4, Challenger and proof click here

  • Season 5, Challenger and proof click here

  • Season 6, Challenger and proof click here


At customers request we will go through one recorded game or coach a live game. Both variants will work with skype sharescreen, basically I download your replay, play it and we discuss every little second of your gameplay and my point of view on each decision and what could've been done better in order to win the game. I think that reflecting to own mistakes and fixing or realising them consists a big part of path to growing and exceling in this wonderful game PogChamp.
Also, the coaching session includes talking about mentality, life hacks that some pros do and you can do to improve your productivity and mental state in your league of legends games. I know a lot of good & talented players who are dragged down a lot only by their mentality.

Steps before going for a coaching session.

  1. Play some games and for each game do this thing in order to record ur games

  2. Once you're ready with some games you can buy the coaching session / contact me for any details about the coaching session

  3. Pricing can be discussed and usually 1 coaching session ( 30 euro ) is 1h:1h30mins, but I can offer advantageous packets for buying more lessons!


"I like his methodes and the way he sees the game. He helped me alot already in the first session! I can totally recomand him as a coach."

"Very professional in his mannerisms, Quickly spotted mistakes in my play and not only corrected them but explained in detail why another action would have been better suited so i understood in future games.If you're truly looking for a great coach, that will leave you with knowledge that is understandable and integrate-able, that will give you that slight edge over other players in your perspective elo this is your man. nothing but love"

"100% best coach get him Right now b4 he gets famous like tarazaned so let him coach you all he makes u understand very good he is a good teacher"

"Great coach and is a very friendly guy. Definitely would recommend if you want to get better at jungle to hire him. He answers all your questions and was very helpful in understanding what is going wrong with your game play. Definitely helped improve my jungling ability"

"Friendly guy, has good ingame knowledge. pinpointed a lot of mistakes that I make very fast. Helps with things that don't have necessarily somthing to do with the game but just life in general that can help you aswel in the game (having the right attitude, health issues etc). Good experience overall!"




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

m********** (07/07/18 21:49:57)

(after 3 hours)

its a good teacher and its was fun to talk with him and and i realy learned so much of him

v*********** (11/06/18 17:13:07)

(after 4 hours)

Really good session, pointed out what im doing wrong, looking forward buying more lessons from this coach

t*************************** (27/05/18 16:48:06)

(after 2 hours)

Really cool !

t*************************** (17/05/18 00:20:24)

(after 2 hours)

Good advices. My win rate has gone up thanks to all things we saw together. Managed to win more than 60% of my last games, all with good KDA. I recommend if u wanna improve.

t*************************** (13/05/18 00:15:14)

(after 4 hours)

Super friendly and competent as usual. Great tips for macro play and vision !

t*************************** (08/05/18 19:57:07)

(after 2 hours)

Great coaching, the improvement is visible. Great tips about what to do at each stage of the game.

t*************************** (07/05/18 22:48:32)

(after 2 hours)

Very friendly as usual. Many greats tips on what to do at what time in the game. Should I back ? Roam ? Counter jungle ? I really recommend !

t*************************** (06/05/18 04:04:51)

(after 4 hours)

Great coach ! Really friendly and competent. He gave me a lot a great tips about macro play. How to ward, what to do between wave clear, back timings and many more. I definitely recommend him If you wanna improve.

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