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If you want to climb elo FAST, i am your guy.

Coaching is available on all servers.

Hello, i am a recognized high elo shaco main from EUW, I have been playing League since the beta and shaco have been always my main, so i know absolutly everything about him. In my opinion shaco is literally the best champion in the game to climb elo, especially under diamond.

Order 4 hours and get 1 hour for free.

Feel free to add me on skype if you have any questions: live:eloburst

What will you learn about shaco on lessons:

How to succesfully increase your winrate in soloQ
How,where and when to gank
How to counterjungle and get advantage of enemy jungler in early
Where, when and how to place wards to control the enemy jungler
How to scout the enemy jungle and predict his pathing and ganking
Runes, masteries, builds and skill order
Tricks&Tips to guarantee you better performance
How to prioritize objectives (Drake,Nashor,Turret, etc)
How to position yourself in team fight and which target to focus

How does the session work?

We will join into a custom game and i will explain you everything about shaco, I always recommend to open a notepad and write there the important things, so you don't forget any tip. After that, you will decide if we play a normal or ranked game where you will play shaco and i will just focus on you and tell you everything you have to do in every moment. I recommend to buy 2hours, then you should play some games on shaco to mastery the champion and practice all i told you on lesson, then we can keep doing lessons on next level.




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

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