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I'm Rebi and I'm 23 years old. I'm a highly competitive player and I've learned principles and mindsets of my own that have helped me improve really quickly. Although I've spent MANY hours on this game to develop these fundamentals and principles, I strongly believe that the game is much easier if you have the proper mindsets during certain situations making it easier succeed. I base my lessons around mindsets and what is the proper way to play the game. - my soloq stats

Things that you will learn from me:

-How to be a shotcaller and a leader
-How to make your team listen to you
-Runes, masteries, builds and skill order for every champion
-Tier 1 champions for solo queue
-How to avoid enemy jungler ganks, how to countergank and how to invade enemy jungle.
-Where and when to gank
-Which lane not to gank
-Which lane you should camp
-How to win lanes advantage of your team.
-When and how to take objectives
-When to take a kill and when to leave a kill

My achievements:

League of legends
Challenger on EUNE
Master on EUW
Rank 1 Sejuani on lolskill in the world
Rank 25 Evelynn on lolskill in the world
Platinum 5 to Diamond 5 in 16 hours without a single loss without any division skip

World of Warcraft
Rank 1 in 3v3 for 2 seasons
Rank 1 in 5v5 for 2 seasons
7 times gladiator in 3v3

6 times legend with 130 highest rank

How does my lesson look like:

Before we start I'll watch the replay you send me, it's not obligatory but I highly suggest that you send me one. First of all I would like you to tell me what champions you prefer to play and why and then I would tell you about runes masteries skill order and items you should get on prefered champions. Second I'd like to show you some jungle tricks how to get first blood or burn enemy summoners early in the game in the custom game. After that I'd like to play normal, ranked or team builder and live coach you, point out your mistakes and how to improve and make sure they don't happen in the future also on the way I will do my best to explain you how to be a great shotcaller and a leader and everything else to make you a better player.




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

s********* (24/06/17 20:00:38)

(after 1 hour)

I recommend him. Very nice coach.

h****** (21/06/17 01:49:30)

(after 5 hours)

really helpful, amazing info and an awesome guy in general

C******************** (13/06/17 06:05:08)

(after 5 hours)

Good coach

s******* (09/06/17 16:25:15)

(after 1 hour)

Everything was perfect. Might think of more lessons. Can recommend to others, especially Evelynn mains.

n******* (09/05/17 00:43:40)

(after 2 hours)

He's a monster giving advice, he teach me lots of things, he's very social too

m*************** (07/05/17 22:18:28)

(after 1 hour)

He was really good player, and he gave me really useful tips.

j******** (06/05/17 23:47:39)

(after 2 hours)

Very in-depth knowledge, both of eve and current meta champs. Very helpful session!

m*************** (06/05/17 16:55:24)

(after 3 hours)

Good and patient, lots of great tips for improving overall performance.

j*********** (12/03/17 15:18:08)

(after 2 hours)

very very nice coach

h********* (04/03/17 21:42:17)

(after 2 hours)

came back to climb higher

Champion Wins Defeats Win Ratio Kills Deaths Assists K/D/A Ratio Creeps
Wins: 125 Losses: 69 Total Kills: 1334 Total Deaths: 805 Total Assists: 1699
68 33 67% 839 (8.3/game) 450 (4.5/game) 865 (8.6/game) 3.79 43/game
14 10 58% 125 (5.2/game) 78 (3.3/game) 310 (12.9/game) 5.58 54/game
18 6 75% 148 (6.2/game) 80 (3.3/game) 164 (6.8/game) 3.9 71/game
6 6 50% 59 (4.9/game) 36 (3/game) 69 (5.8/game) 3.56 30/game
7 2 78% 34 (3.8/game) 43 (4.8/game) 111 (12.3/game) 3.37 166/game
5 4 56% 67 (7.4/game) 51 (5.7/game) 48 (5.3/game) 2.25 218/game
5 2 71% 14 (2/game) 25 (3.6/game) 74 (10.6/game) 3.52 9/game
1 2 33% 21 (7/game) 12 (4/game) 15 (5/game) 3 190/game
1 0 100% 1 (1/game) 1 (1/game) 9 (9/game) 10 134/game
0 1 0% 7 (7/game) 6 (6/game) 9 (9/game) 2.67 187/game
0 1 0% 5 (5/game) 6 (6/game) 1 (1/game) 1 38/game
0 1 0% 5 (5/game) 6 (6/game) 9 (9/game) 2.33 215/game
0 1 0% 9 (9/game) 11 (11/game) 15 (15/game) 2.18 55/game