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Challanger/Master last 5 seasons. Together, as a team, we will improve your gameplay- How to carry !

Hello, I’m Filip, nice to meet you ! I’m 23, from Bucharest(Romania) and I’m a student at the moment.
I started to play League of Legends when season 3 started. In the end of the season I reached Challanger. Until season 5 I played in several teams, after that I became one of the best booster/coacher and that’s my job right now .
How did I get challenger in the first season I started to play League ? Dota/Starcraft and World of Warcraft gave me the experience and skill to reach that so fast. I have been a gladiator in WoW pvp (2700 rating in 3’s ) + many hours of Dota/Warcraft 3 !

I can teach any role in League of Legends, I play the game everyday and I master all 5 roles with a variety of champions.
Together, in our coaching session we will discuss and improve:


-What champions should be banned depending on current patch
-How to counterpick
-Summoner Spells
-Build variety depending on team composition/ enemies


-Farming skills/technique
-How to trade efficiently with your opponent
-How to control minion wave( when to push, when to freeze )
-What to do if you got the first tower
-What to do if you lost the first tower
-Where to place your wards
-How to predict their jungle pathing in order to avoid the gank
-How to position in the lane depending on your jungler
Only for junglers:
-Jungle pathing
-Invade him level 3 or not ? ( aim : stealing buff or first-blood )
-How and where to gank
-Use or keep smite in certain situations
-How to help team with vision
-Stealing nashor technique


-Lane rotation after getting towers
-How and when to roam
-Best places to ward / Map vision
-Time Control
-How to position yourself in team fights
-Target focus

Standard Coaching session description :

Discord/Skype for voice.
Firstly , we will discuss about what champion you want to play/learn, keystone/runes, build, summoner spells, hard counters.
Secondly, I play a normal or ranked game with you or I spectate 1 live-game so I can see/ analyze /make a list of your mistakes . After the game is done, we discuss all of them. We go together in a custom game so I can teach you all the things during the lane phase or jungle pathing if you’re a jungler ! After that, we queue together and play games, I will tell all mistakes and how to improve them in-game in certain moments .
Thirdly, after you master your champion during lanephase we will discuss about Macro play and the most important thing, what to do/how to help your team to win the game !
Long story short: I give you all the theory you need for your champions then we are going to apply it in our duoqueue-games !

This is how a standard lesson would be, depending on your preference, a variety of things might be changed !
Add me on skype to discuss about coaching session : yooo_alexu705
Discord : Filip95#0459




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

a************* (16/02/18 21:57:27)

(after 3 hours)

good session

l************* (16/02/18 17:03:43)

(after 2 hours)

Went good, took a jgl lesson but i am really unexperienced in the role of jungle so it was just a little confusing. But an overall okay experience :)

z********** (12/02/18 00:58:55)

(after 2 hours)

Very good sessions. Helped me with my original problem and pointed out others that I needed to work on. Very nice and strait forward!

s******** (11/02/18 23:13:05)

(after 1 hour)


s******** (11/02/18 23:12:51)

(after 1 hour)

very helpfull

a************* (11/02/18 17:27:18)

(after 4 hours)

good coaching

a************* (11/02/18 17:27:08)

(after 1 hour)

good coaching session

c******** (11/02/18 17:04:32)

(after 2 hours)


c******** (11/02/18 12:48:56)

(after 2 hours)

Very nice coach, he taught me a lot of new things.

z******* (06/02/18 20:57:23)

(after 1 hour)

Super helpfull guy, took extra time and realy focused on every mistake and realy showed you how to fix it, wasnt getting mad if you failed just stayed possitiv just great :D AAA+++

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