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I am a challenger player support main and coaching is one of my favorites things in League of Legends. I have been playing since s1 and from s3 i reach every season top 50 challenger. My main role is support, but i can play everything since i have so much experience in competitve games. I was in a lot of teams, one of the best on the server, i watch a lot of games and i learn new things every single day.
I can teach every role as i said including:
When to roam
When to push or freeze your lane
This is available for:SUPPORT, JUNGLE, TOP, MID ADC
I will watch your games, i will give you the advice you need and then we can play together so you can understand the lesson better
Here is a printscreen with my Challenger Peak Just click the link ^_^

Now that sandbox mode is on I can actually show you a lot of stuff like:
-How to use you cooldowns properly
-How to improve your mechanics
-How to use certain spells
-How to dogde skillshots
-How to know the damage you can done and the damage you can recive

Season 8 is On. I can give you everything you need with the new system (Masteries).
Skype id: essential_2007




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

y************* (09/12/16 16:35:53)

(after 1 hour)

Very friendly and helped me in game, 1 vs 1, lane match ups, How to lane. Told me the things I need to improve on and what to do in each situation.

j*************** (29/11/16 00:23:04)

(after 1 hour)

Unreal ..... great lesson, really showed me and helped me understand what i was doing wrong and what i really do need to work on... Ill be giving faker a run for his money ;)

m***************** (05/11/16 01:13:48)

(after 1 hour)

really nice and help understand a lot, if you want to get better at the game go for this guy, one of the niceness coach I've had

t***** (01/11/16 01:21:57)

(after 1 hour)

Really great session with helpful tips. Next time I'm sure I will win a 1 v 1 ;)

Q************ (17/10/16 01:48:28)

(after 1 hour)

Very nice smart coach . i learned important tips on my mid laning,farming,trading, and roaming .

e********* (02/10/16 00:24:18)

(after 2 hours)

its good and so kind

z********** (11/09/16 18:25:27)

(after 2 hours)

really good guy,learned alot

a******** (12/06/16 17:48:59)

(after 1 hour)

It went well, proper communication. However, could put more emphasis on match-ups during champion select by watching it.

T************* (16/05/16 12:47:40)

(after 1 hour)

Really good coacher, he managed to point out a lot of good and bad things!

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