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Providing Coaching on: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, BR, OCE

About me:

Hello my name is Atila , to most known as Colamax.

I have achieved the rank of Challenger on the EUNE server seasons 3/4/5/6/7/8, and Challenger on the EUW server seasons 4/5 and maintaining high master in the rest of the seasons.
I have played 4 roles in a competitive setting, so you can use the advice and tips i provide to you both in soloQ and in a premade team ambient if that is your desire.

One of my more prestigious accomplishments is ranking third at IESF in Korea, only second to Korea and china (I was playing top lane in this competition).

I have also done an unranked to master tier challenge on the EUW server ( with a 95% win rate on nidalee which landed me at rank 1 nidalee in the world on the site for quite a while till i stopped playing on it and it decayed to diamond 1.

As you can see by my plentiful achievements, I am a very experienced league of legends player, and my ambition is to transfer everything I know about the game, from the smallest micro and mechanical play such as well-timed combos to split-second decision making where securing an objective, or grabbing a kill on a priority enemy target means the difference between a victory a loss.

I will teach you how and when to rotate around the map, and how to communicate to your teammates both in soloQ and in a ranked 5s setting to maximize the chance of winning.

Most importantly, and this is something most coaches cannot teach or do not want to, I will teach you how you can condition yourself both mentally and physically so you can improve on your own and be the player that you wish to be.

I will see you soon, and any questions you might have about anything feel free to contact me @skype-colamaxx or [email protected] , I will be more than happy to answer and fulfill any kind of request you may have for me.




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h******* (28/06/18 16:41:54)

(after 3 hours)

A Great coach!

v*********** (21/06/18 16:07:32)

(after 4 hours)

This Coach is just amazing made a Silver top player into Platinum Jungler

v*********** (20/06/18 01:25:23)

(after 7 hours)

IF im buying hes lessons, it means he knows how too coach. Highly recommend

v*********** (18/06/18 20:06:21)

(after 10 hours)

went a second round with this coach VERY HELPFULL

v*********** (14/06/18 17:28:01)

(after 2 hours)

really nice coach looking forward too work with him daily

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