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Hello, my name is Dusan Nedeljkovic,known as LotusI've been playing League for 7 years.I am high elo for 3 seasons now,currently placed in Diamond II,but i am not playing actively and i have decided to do coaching.As a coach my job will be to transfer&share my knowledge and experience about the game and help you get your desired division.I can help you to learn every role on easier way.

Top Lane : Runes&Builds,Best Champions (For SoloQ/Teamplay),Current Meta,Your main champion,How to Read Jungler's Pathing,Wave Control,Teleport Plays,When to roam.

Jungle : Runes&Builds,Best Champions (For SoloQ/Teamplay),How to have efficient pathing,Matchups,Counterganking,Ganking,Making alot of Impact in the game,When to take objectives

Mid Lane : Runes&Builds,Best Champions (For SoloQ/Teamplay),Matchups,How and when to roam,Wave management,Summoner spell options.

Ad Carry : Runes&Builds,Best Champions (For Soloq/Teamplay),Positioning,Wave management,Matchups,How to avoid dying,Farming,When to be passive/aggressive,Synergy picks with your supp

Support : Runes&Builds,Best Champions (For Soloq/Teamplay),When to roam,Synergy picks with your AD Carry,Laning,Ward spots,Impact on the map during the laning phase.

3 HOURS --- I will teach you an additional 1 hour free of charge

5 HOURS -- I will teach you an additional 2 hours free of charge

10 HOURS -- I will teach you an additional 4 hours free of charge

1 hour lesson(just an example):
-When you tell me what role you are willing to learn,we will discuss if you want to watch vods or have an ingame experience with me or me spectating you.
-I will review your lane during the first vod/game/spectate.
-I will see if you are lacking mechanical skills or macro,and depending on that i will help you to improve with giving you tips and tricks to do.
-How and when to trade
-How to play specific matchups.
-How to play out teamfights.
-Answer my questions,and provide me questions.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me
✿Skype: [email protected]
✿Email: [email protected]
I will be more then happy to answer any question you have for me,and to help you out.




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

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