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For more information use the contact below.

The improvement is close connected with the good information you receive and the way you adapt to it!

EUW/EUNE,NA,RU,TR,LAN,LAS,BR,Oce Coaching is available.

Аbout me:

Hello, i have reached Challenger in solo-que and i am willing to share my knowledge with you.
I have been playing league of legends since 2013 in middle of september , i have reached diamond one on west/east after quite short time after i started to play.
I have experience with different international competitive teams and currently a member of one. Participating in European championships and different National leagues. Being a shot-caller for my teams and having outstanding macro knowledge about the game. I am active competitive player which allow me to be up to date with meta game.

Fun fact: Dota/Dota2 gave me the competitive experience and skill to reach diamond in less than 2 months. Has been gladiator in World of Warcraft ( 2600 arena rating , server : Stormscale )
I can pretty much help you improve your performance on another level , don't miss me and choose me !

Coaching Packs:

Order 3 hours and get 1hr for free.


Feel free to add me on skype or my e-mail if you have any questions, together we will decide when to start :skype: coaching1337 /e-mail: [email protected] ( Contacting me on e-mail will get answer within 1 hour, because i am getting instant message on my phone device)

I can teach: Middle,Jungle,Top,Support,ADC because being all-rounder.

  • High and low elo coaching.

  • Champion selecting and counter pick.

  • How to succesfully increase your winrate in soloQ

  • How,where and when to gank

  • How to manage minion wave and when to join team fights. (pushing,freezing,denying farm)

  • Creating a game plan, spectating the game and analyzing what you are doing wrong.

  • Where, when and how to place wards/deep wards

  • How to scout the enemy jungle and predict his pathing and ganking

  • Runes, builds and skill order for every champion

  • How to trade efficiently with your opponent

  • Tricks&Tips to guarantee you better performance

  • How to prioritize objectives (Drake,Nashor,Turret, etc)

  • How to position yourself in team fight and which target to focus

  • How to communicate with your team do calls.

  • How, when and where to pick team fights or not to.

  • How to abuse your advantage and play in disadvantage.

  • How to end a game.

Here are some examples of the knowledge I can offer you in my lessons:

  • *Brain Storm Bonus

  • Champion Analyses: its role, skill mechanics, synergies, counter picks and tricks;

  • Micro: positioning, farming, skill timing and cooldown control, mechanics;

  • Macro: timer control, mini map control and vision, analyses and comprehension of key points on the map, game phases, etc...

Don't wait find out my tricks,tips and the knowledge u need to improve immediately , Choose me! Spend some time with a competitive/quality player. I don't go strictly by the hour, I'll teach a lesson for as long as you need to be taught. So don't worry, I don't stop as soon as 60 minutes is up. It is WELL WORTH your time/money, I have helped people improve very good quickly, some of these being Bronze to Platinum .

How does this work?

What a typical 1 hour lesson would look like:

We will have a talk about your goals and thing you want to achieve and learn, after we figure this out we will proceed to our analyzing process. We can watch a replay of yours where we are going to be able to see the mistakes you do and what do you really require to become a better player with outstanding performance. I can do a live stream where i will be show you how the theory works so you will have a better understanding. We can finish with a good review of writing down the steps you need to start practice.

What a typical 2 hour lesson would look like:

Our two hours session will consist all the things from one hour session, but we will be having more time to do them all or focus on different champions as well. From my experience as a coach i figured out a unique way of teaching and learning which will make you a better player. It will consist a vod review, a lot of talk on different topics and live streamed lesson that you will have the things showed and explained.

What a typical 3+ hour lesson would look like:

For a lesson of three or more hours we can do a separated lesson where we will be obtaining all the things that are required for you to start to understand all the aspects of the game. Bringing to you a way new perspective of how the game works and learning new things that are very important for you to know of what kind of mentality you need to have and how to carry many games. After each of our sessions you will be able to work on the tips and advice i will write and give to you as they will be consisted from your mistakes and the things you can improve. So after each lesson the tendention will be for you to get better and better.

These way of coaching is unique and i've come to it by many hours given as a coach, i took the best pieces of each one of the lesson to create one good and learning experience for you.

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After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

a***************** (21/04/15 19:55:02)

(after 3 hours)

great coach guys highly recommend for you if you wanna get better and climb faster :) < thanks for an awesome lesson man

v********** (18/04/15 18:15:16)

(after 1 hour)

Very nice coach! Worth the payment.

v********** (18/04/15 18:14:38)

(after 2 hours)

Is a really good coach, I have learned a lot.

v******* (18/04/15 16:10:07)

(after 1 hour)

Great coach. Taught me so much about the game. It was well worth the hour and the money.

k************* (07/04/15 16:38:59)

(after 2 hours)

He helped me really well. Great tips and fun to play with.

d******** (06/04/15 17:52:21)

(after 3 hours)

Excellent coach I took some coaching with the hope of gaining a wider champ pool for top lane and also gaining some better knowledge, the lesson did not disappoint one bit, we started with going over runes and masteries and why these were better than other choices, then an item build for the champion i had to chosen, I chose to watch the first game rather than take part so i could fully understand what was going on and why the choices were made. We then duo qued and i played the champion. I got some great tips while in game and constant feedback on what i needed to win lane and to continue to be effective else where. During the time i got great advice and tips on how to play two champions, but also received some good knowledge that i can also implement into my overall game, the session was great and has definitely helped me. Look forward to having some more coaching in the near future, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COACH

t****** (30/03/15 13:45:31)

(after 3 hours)

he was an excellent instructor. Really knowledgeable and has lots of patience! I recommend him!

w*********** (25/03/15 13:50:30)

(after 5 hours)

Again, very nice doing business with this guy, he learn u alot, got way more experience.

a************* (23/03/15 21:01:06)

(after 1 hour)

Good coacher,learn a lot of new stuffs for objectives,farming,freezing and etc :)) +1

w*********** (23/03/15 19:37:23)

(after 2 hours)

Very helpfull person, i learned a comeplety new class and lane, ended out with carrying a game, i will know exactly all the basic's i should have been aware of now. One extra really big bonus, very nice person, kind, joyfull and best coaching i have ever gotten! really dedicated person. A++++++++

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