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  • [Champion Select] Tier of the moment | Couterpick

  • How to build | What do build | When to Recall

  • How to farm better | Counter Farm | How to handle your economy

  • [GamePlay Analysis] Spectating the game | Analyzing what you're doing wrong

  • How to ward | Ward Tricks | Leave the lane and use your movement for your advantage

  • [Theorycrafting] Runes / Masteries

  • How to communicate with the team | Game Calls + Tricks

  • How to lead a team to victory

  • [Late Game] How to push the lanes | When to join your team in the teamfights

  • How to abuse your advantage | How to carry a game

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m************** (12/02/17 14:58:40)

(after 3 hours)

Super nice guy! learned a lot, thank you

n******** (04/02/17 23:00:08)

(after 1 hour)

very good guy . I recommend him 100%

n******** (04/02/17 22:59:54)

(after 1 hour)

very good guy . I reccomend him 100%

z******* (04/02/17 14:05:01)

(after 3 hours)

I had 3hours with him and i think i learned the entire game how to manage wave, where to put wards, when to recall, when to push and alot of other things. I would def. work with him again :) For those who are considering him as a coach go for it! worth your time and money

d********** (22/01/17 21:16:36)

(after 10 hours)

Cpm was great , learned a lot couldnt have asked for a better lol coach 5 STARS all the way !!!! =) thank you so much !!!

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