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  • [Champion Select] Tier of the moment | Couterpick

  • How to build | What do build | When to Recall

  • How to farm better | Counter Farm | How to handle your economy

  • [GamePlay Analysis] Spectating the game | Analyzing what you're doing wrong

  • How to ward | Ward Tricks | Leave the lane and use your movement for your advantage

  • [Theorycrafting] Runes / Masteries

  • How to communicate with the team | Game Calls + Tricks

  • How to lead a team to victory

  • [Late Game] How to push the lanes | When to join your team in the teamfights

  • How to abuse your advantage | How to carry a game

You can talk with me on skype if you have any question. We gonna talk on skype to decide when we can start the session!

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[email protected] (18/03/17 12:42:51)

(after 2 hours)

Really friendly Re-explained the basics of the role, how to rotate. Made me get more confident, pointed out my biggest mistake and helped me improve playstyle Recommended for any laner!

[email protected] (01/03/17 00:53:41)

(after 1 hour)

After just one hour learnt key fundamentals with in midlane, CTP is really friendly and good at teaching concepts with in the game, would recommend to any player of any elo

[email protected] (28/02/17 20:21:50)

(after 1 hour)

Great guy, knowledgeable of jungle basics. Wouldn't recommend if you are mid plat or higher and looking for jungle coaching. He probably has much more to offer laners!

[email protected] (27/02/17 17:09:17)

(after 1 hour)

Great coach helped a ton!

[email protected] (12/02/17 14:58:40)

(after 3 hours)

Super nice guy! learned a lot, thank you

[email protected] (04/02/17 23:00:08)

(after 1 hour)

very good guy . I recommend him 100%

[email protected] (04/02/17 22:59:54)

(after 1 hour)

very good guy . I reccomend him 100%

[email protected] (04/02/17 14:05:01)

(after 3 hours)

I had 3hours with him and i think i learned the entire game how to manage wave, where to put wards, when to recall, when to push and alot of other things. I would def. work with him again :) For those who are considering him as a coach go for it! worth your time and money

[email protected] (22/01/17 21:16:36)

(after 10 hours)

Cpm was great , learned a lot couldnt have asked for a better lol coach 5 STARS all the way !!!! =) thank you so much !!!

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