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Welcome! I would like to introduce myself for a moment to let you know me better my Friend :).

I have been playing League since season 3, where i already achieved plat4 in the first season. Then i was able to achieve more ammbitious ranks which people want so hard, without even experiencing sometthing like being hardstucked due to my pure Mindset.

Currently im able to coach you at every lane you wish, due to my flexibility and role swapes during my seaons.

What i can offer?
Overall, important knowledge of the game including:

  • Laning Phase

  • Wave Management

  • Decision Making- Factors /Map Awareness

  • Macro/Micro Game

  • Proper usage of advantage/snowball

  • Draft Phase

  • Whole Game Understanding

  • Proper Mindset development

Why you should choose me?

Ambitious and energetic person, which always gives 200% during the coaching sessions.
Im appreciating your trust, so i wont finish the coaching session untill i will make sure you understand everything i explaiend properly.
Im looking at you as my Friend and student not as a customer, i always wish to help and i really want to see you Growing as a Mentor ????

How coaching looks like:

Most likely im analyzing your game from one of your gameplays, live at discord, or just mines.

We are going to have some 2/3mins break sometimes to code things im telling you into your mind :DD




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

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Have a a lot of knowledge and Friendly Behavior . Must go for him.......For achieving high elo

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