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Hello, my name is Teehee. I am 21 years old and I have been Challenger/Master since season 2. Specialized for Jungle but i can also teach any role without a problem since i have played them all in competitive.

First Lesson Layout

  • These will be done through custom games or one versus ones.

  • Review the lane, role, champion, summoner spells, runes, masteries, skill order, and build.

  • Different concepts of the lane and role

  • Early game decision making

  • How to trade at appropriate times.

  • How to play specific match ups.

  • How to play out team fights.

  • Answer any questions you may have.

Second Lesson Layout And Onwards

  • Refresh memory on previous lesson and answer any new questions.

  • May continue custom games and learning concepts.

  • Reviews vods with post game analysis.

  • Play Duo queue games together and help make decisions.

  • Spectate your live solo queue games and analyze.

  • Learn specific match ups.

  • Learn how to pick properly for certain team compositions.

  • Learn how to carry in solo queue.

Jungle Lessons

  • Establish efficient pathing and clearing.

  • Identify and demonstrate ganks.

  • Talk about lane priority and lane advantage/disadvantages.

  • Review vods with post game analysis .

  • Spectate your live solo queue games and analyze.




After purchase we will send all necessary informations to your paypal email (access to members area, contact details with coach).

l******************* (16/12/17 00:11:58)

(after 1 hour)

teehee and i gonna get rank 1

l******************* (11/12/17 14:02:56)

(after 1 hour)

hes the fucking greatest person to talk to and is funny imma give this guy my life savings [email protected]!

l******************* (27/10/17 14:30:43)

(after 1 hour)

fucking awesome

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