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Our support agents are available all day and night - no matter when you can always reach out to us! We will always try to solve any issue you encounter or answer any questions regarding our services.


If you are more of a self-dependent person you might prefer to check our FAQ to find answers yourself. It's highly possible that you will find the solution or the explanation you were looking for.

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The basic principle is extremely simple - you need to find a service that suits your needs and provide us with the necessary information that will allow us to complete your order. Due to the vast variety of services offered by us the information might be for example username and password, summoner name, your preferred champions, preferred summoner spells order, and so on.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
We will reply to your email within next 12 hours.
Our employees will never contact you through skype or other communicators . Only way to contact us is through our site. Every other attempt is a scam.


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