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  1. Choose your Current tier and desired tier or wins amount.
  2. Press payment method button - you will be redirected to checkout page.
  3. After, you will be redirected back to our website to the “Account Creation” page. We’ll follow up with a confirmation email.
  4. After you receive the email, sign in with your brand-new account and head to your order and follow further instructions!

  1. Who are we?
    In a nutshell, we are a group of experienced, helpful, and friendly high-rank LoL players. Our goal is to provide you our time and expertise as well-vetted League players the absolute most seamless order experience we possibly can. Everyone’s goals are different, and we do our absolute best to cater to each clients specific needs to the best of our ability. We both love playing League and helping our customers reach their own rating goals as best we can. The reason this works for us is because we adore this game and love helping other players succeed in reaching their rank-goals at a much, much quicker pace than normally possible.
  2. Is it honorable?
    Some people say that our service is immoral but we can not agree with it. If asked, our group of players can provide a quick MMR rating for your account, but this is not the limit or intention of our service. Our goal is to help our customers rank-up quickly, but also to coach them in a way that improves their own game-play based on our boosters example. Our goal is not to simply “get you x rank”, but to help you improve your own game-play. Having a senior level and experienced friend in any indevour will always benefit the less experienced player/person, and we think this is absolutely the case in LoL. We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you do that.
  3. Free coaching by spectating.
    Not only can we provide a quick boost in you rank, but our primary goal is to help each individual player recognize their own weaknesses and work towards providing ways to conquer those weaknesses. In LoL you are often paired with teammates who fight against your teams success, and this is inevitable. By spectating our boosters and asking them questions you can circumvent these difficulties by being provided real-time advice on how to best handle these inevitable situations (all questions should be in Support Chat in your Order Details). You’re not only purchasing assistance in ranking your account up, but also in improving your own game-time decision making and playstyle.
  4. How it Works?
    If you’ve followed our ethos up until this point, we can assure you that our boosters will always respect other players while assisting you in your rank goals. The encrypted and secure system we use to log our boosters into your account will never allow anyone but you, the account owner, to see the actual account information when logging in. This provides a full-proof level of security and peace of mind that our competitors do not offer. As part of our code of conduct, our boosters are not allowed to “Add Friends” or even touch your IP/RP. As a rule of thumb your order will usually take 8-24 hours for each 100 LP.
  5. Why is right choice?
    - possibility to pause your order - then you can play normal games with your friends!
    - anonymous, our boosters will not stream games played on your account, will never speak to anyone except for in-game communication with random players.
    - easy communication with boosters, do not be afraid asking questions. It is all inclusive!
    - posibility to choose specific champions and roles which will be played by our boosters.